Welcome to Bristlecone Energy

The oldest known single living organisms are bristlecone pines, which can age to upwards of 5,000 years in some of the world’s harsher environments.

Bristlecone pines continually re-emphasize that:

* We can thrive through efficient utilization of our natural resources: sunlight, clean water and air
* A natural, well-balanced system can exist for vast periods of time

What Can Bristlecone Energy Do For You?

Like the bristlecone pine tree, we can learn to efficiently use the natural resources available to us: sunlight, wind, water and the natural warmth of the earth. By definition renewable energy is generated from these natural resources – solar, wind and micro-hydro power being some of the most common.

Rural Nevada and southern Idaho are fortunate to be rich in many of these natural resources. Because of this, Bristlecone Energy does not focus exclusively on one particular technology, but develops the solution best suited to the resources available to our clients, including hybrid systems when it makes the most sense.

Contact us today to sign up for a free load analysis and find out how Bristlecone Energy can evaluate your energy opportunities and develop a plan tailored specifically to you.

From foreign oil, corporate greed and volatile fuel prices.

Self Sufficiency
By not depending upon the importation of electrical power, you and your community will grow stronger.

Unlike renewable natural resources, there is a limited supply of fossil fuels.
With the advent of national and state legislation, the grants, incentives and rebates available have made renewable energy more affordable than ever.  No two systems or projects are the same, but Bristlecone Energy can help you to understand what sources of government funding may be available to you and what you may expect in terms of return on investment. Contact us today for a free assessment of what's available.

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